I'm not the
only one

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Who shares my concerns?

Many brilliant and intelligent people share my concern about the danger of surveillance and censorship in the centralized metaverse. Here is what they said...


“I am afraid of, as always, the corruption of privilege that exist within this spaces"
Edward Snowden
NSA Whistleblower
“So, just imagine this with me. When you go into the metaverse, your avatar is a little more handsome or pretty than yourself. You have better clothes than we have in reality. The apartment is more stylish, more calm. And you take your headset off and you go to brush your teeth at the end of the night. And maybe you just don’t like yourself in the mirror as much. That cycle… I’m super worried that people are going to look at their apartment, which isn’t as nice, and look at their face or their body, which isn’t as nice, and say: ‘I would rather have my headset on.’ And I haven’t heard Facebook articulate any plan on what to do about that.” “I am worried that if companies become metaverse companies, individuals won’t get to consent anymore on whether or not to have Facebook’s sensors—their microphones in their homes”
Frances Haugen
Facebook Whistleblower
“People have been talking about how the rise of artificial intelligence will significantly change society and everything we do. And that’s true. But the metaverse is at least as big, if not bigger, than the rise of AI," "Some even incorporate electroencephalogram technology in order to pick up brainwave patterns. In other words, everything you say, manipulate, look at, or even think about can be monitored in Metaverse. The data this will generate will be vast…..and extremely valuable,"
Dr David Reid
Professor of AI and Spatial Computing at Liverpool Hope University
"Facebook should not be allowed to create a dystopian metaverse"
Roger McNamee
Venture capitalist, former investor in Facebook

Snow Crash is a science fiction / dystopian novel by the American writer Neal Stephenson, published in 1992.

“One of the potential problems with virtual reality is that we still haven’t answered many of the privacy problems we encounter in normal reality”

“it’s not hard to imagine a world in which Meta gives advertisers information on where our eyes are focused to help them better measure our attention, target us with ads and compel us to buy stuff.”

Jon Callas, director of technology projects at EFF


“Metaverse is surely a delighting experience which will increase the risk of addiction to it,” ” spending more time online causes real problems on the mental, emotional and physical development process.” “Metaverse may break the emotional bond of the people to life.”
Veysi Çeri
Expert on child and adolescent psychiatry

“Imagine a situation in which a virtual person leads another person to commit suicide in real life. That is why we need to have a social contract applicable to the metaverse before it launches.”

Stevan Randjelovic, director of brand safety and digital risk, EMEA at GroupM